Commercial Products

Property Insurance

In today’s complex and highly regulated business environment, it is important to engage experienced property insurance specialists who can analyze your specific business risks. We can customize a program that provides optimum protection for a wide range of property exposures at competitive rates and terms.

Commercial Liability

Commercial General Liability insurance is an essential part of every insurance program for business operations. Businesses face a number of liability exposures, from incidents that may occur on their premises, or as part of a non-professional aspect of their practice. Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance provides protection against a range of potential claims that may result from bodily injury, property damage, personal injury or advertising injury. Our specialists can analyze the exposures for your organization and develop a program suited to your particular requirements.

Equipment Breakdown

Most businesses use some form of electrical, electronic, mechanical or pressure equipment. Think about the impact on your business if your equipment were to break down. This form of protection deals not only with heating, air-conditioning, refrigeration, mechanical equipment, but also more sophisticated computer/electronic systems.

Without equipment breakdown insurance, your business is at risk of absorbing the full impact of costly repairs, replacement and lost income.


Construction and commercial bonds are useful risk management tools, and we offer a variety of these surety products to our clients. If your operation requires Contract Bond(s), our surety specialists can provide comprehensive and timely service. We also have extensive experience in providing Financial Institution Bonds for firms of all sizes.

Employee Dishonesty, Crime & Fraud, Fidelity Bonds

Whether it’s through employee dishonesty or robbery, being insured against the theft of money or electronic files is an important consideration in today’s business environment. Whatever your exposure, we can customize a program that offers optimal protection.

Wrap-up Liability

Wrap-up insurance, which is intended to protect owners, contractors and subcontractors on large construction projects, will allow for quick and efficient claim handling because all participants are all under the same “wrap-up” policy. Check with our insurance specialists for more information and a quotation today.

Builder’s Risk

During construction, builders face a number of risks, including fire, high winds and theft. Our insurance specialists can address these risks by developing a policy that protects against various perils and the repair or replacement of building materials, fixtures and appliances.

Abuse Coverage

If your organization serves the public, it is crucial to consider the necessity of abuse and molestation liability coverage. Our general insurance specialists will assist you in developing a solid risk management program to mitigate the financial consequences that may arise from abuse claims and arrange adequate insurance protection.

Child or Elder Abuse is a growing concern for many of our clients and we have access to exclusive insurance products that can assist in developing preventative protocols and providing liability protection.

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability

Directors’ & Officers’ Liability insurance provides coverage to corporate officers and board members for defense costs and damages that result from lawsuits pertaining to wrongful acts. Our insurance specialists can provide you with an insurance policy that works to protect the “Personal Interest” of Board Members for their exposures.

Errors & Omissions Insurance (Professional Liability)

With a society that is quick to assign blame and initiate lawsuits, professionals today must take measures to protect themselves, their businesses and their reputations from allegations of negligent acts. Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance protects against these threats, whether or not they have merit. Protecting your business against claims arising from actions, errors or omissions in the fulfillment of your professional services is an important consideration. Our insurance specialists can help safeguard your company against negligence claims and costly lawsuits. We have extensive experience in developing group programs for Associations that require Errors & Omissions Insurance for their members.

Commercial Auto Extension

When basic plate insurance doesn’t offer adequate coverage for your commercial vehicles, our policies will cover Auto Liability, Truckmen’s General Liability, Physical Damage, Cargo and Loss of Use. We have experience with trucking fleets of all sizes operating across North America.

Group Insurance Programs

There are many benefits to a group insurance program, including enhanced protection and discounted rates for employees and association members. We supply a full range of general insurance solutions that are chosen to meet your company’s or association’s specific needs.

Aviation Liability

Whether you own a private plane or have a fleet of commercial aircraft, we can provide you with a customized insurance program to meet the unusual risks associated with aviations operations.

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