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Commercial general liability insurance (CGL) protects Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons who are independent contractors to a Real Estate Brokerage.

CGL coverage provides a response to claims against you for liability of a general nature and compliments your Professional Liability coverage administered by your association.

CGL coverage responds to potential claims incurred by any business person who is not a real estate professional such as; property managers, contractors, appraisers, home inspectors, etc

Examples of when a General Liability Insurance policy would respond:

• An individual slips and falls at an open house and places a claim against you for their injury.
• During a home showing, you accidentally damage the homeowners’ property and it needs to be replaced.
• Your lawn sign is blown out of position by
the wind and hits a car or person, causing damage to the vehicle or injury to the person.

You should consider this coverage if you are an independent real estate broker or salesperson with direct client contact (i.e. run open houses and perform showings) who is contracted with a brokerage that has not specifically provided for CGL coverage for you.

Additional Coverage Add-ons

Contents: In addition to CGL, Real Estate brokers and salespersons who have an office outside their home, may want to include coverage to protect their office equipment and furniture from fire, theft, water damage or equipment breakdown. This coverage would be excess of coverage under your homeowners' policy.

Crime: Crime coverage is an optional coverage, which protects you from theft inside or outside your premises, forgery, and social engineering. This coverage is especially valuable for those who have employees and/or other salespersons working within their team.

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