Cyber Insurance

We are pleased to announce its all-new PrivaSure data privacy and network security insurance policy that includes enhanced liability coverage, comprehensive breach response coverage, and extensive service provider resources. As cyber risks evolve, this important coverage has never been more critical.

Coverage Highlights

  • Aggregate retentions for 1st party and liability coverages
  • 1st party coverage for enterprise security events first discovered during the policy period, even for attacks and events that pre-date the policy.
  • Expanded liability coverage for your failure to timely disclose an incident
  • Expanded liability coverage for your failure to comply with your privacy policy
  • Liability coverage includes regulatory action defense with coverage for fines and penalties and payments to consumer redress funds
  • Crisis management expenses reimbursed or paid on your behalf. Now including voluntary notification and call center services
  • Expanded public relations expense including web and content development, spokesperson training and media talking points
  • Fraud prevention services offering credit monitoring or identity monitoring services and identity theft insurance
  • Blanket additional insured coverage if required by contract
  • Consultation with an experienced legal professional available via a Breach Coach Hotline
  • Relaxed notice requirements for a circumstance that may lead to a covered event

Why Our Clients Choose Us

We understand that no two businesses are alike, so we focus on tailoring a specific insurance policy just for your business. We work hard to make the buying process simple and efficient for our clients. Every client is important to us, no matter the size - we have a wide range of insurance markets available so let us do the shopping for you.

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