Non Profits

Directors and Officers insurance covers your nonprofit organization’s board, who may be personally liable for financial losses, employee discrimination, wrongful dismissal, and more. Get a quote and buy Nonprofit Directors and Officers Liability insurance online in less than five minutes.

No two nonprofit organizations are quite the same in the services and vision that they have. That means their risk profiles are also a little bit different. We start by learning about each individual organization’s needs and then tailoring insurance coverage accordingly.

What types of risks do nonprofits face?

Nonprofits face a diverse set of risks at the board and operational level. There is the possibility of accusations that the directors aren’t fulfilling their duties, mismanaging the organization or funds, discriminating against a volunteer or risks to do with managing and dismissing employees. Directors and officers of nonprofit organizations can be held personally liable for their decisions on the board, even if the nonprofit is incorporated.

Bodily injury can occur at events, even a simple slip and fall can lead to a lawsuit. The physical assets of the organization have risks of loss such as fire, theft, flood, water damage and more. Collecting donor data and other personal information about volunteers or staff leads to an emerging set of cyber risks.

Who can we cover?

  • Associations
  • Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade
  • Foundations
  • Societies
  • Community Centres
  • Campus or Community Radio Stations
  • Community Organizations
  • Counseling Services
  • Research / Development Institutes

Why Our Clients Choose Us

We understand that no two businesses are alike, so we focus on tailoring a specific insurance policy just for your business. We work hard to make the buying process simple and efficient for our clients. Every client is important to us, no matter the size - we have a wide range of insurance markets available so let us do the shopping for you.

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